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Hi Aulawiki Groups

i have a problem with creating Workspaces, Manually i have install the aulawiki in my tikiwiki 2.2,now problem is
1. Workspaces menu not available in 'Application Menu'
2. Themes all not properly suit,(menu & sub menus are not showing properly )
3. Now what I need to do?
Is it problem with installation or??
Could anybody give the solution for this?


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Raja, read this:

yes, workspaces theme need to be fine tuned for 2.x. I started some of the work (included in the file installable from edu.tw.o/mods).

I hope you are you using the latest version of the mod, as explained in:

And you might want to give a try to the further improvements by pingus (I haven't tried myself):
(see the attachments tab)

I wish we all worked against svn, so that we avoid having many files out there for aulawiki.... needing manual merges... But unluckily it's not the way yet. At the last TikiFestMadrid our mates from Madrid already got commit access and learned how and where to commit. I hope pingus does this too soon.


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Hi Xavi

Thanks for Reply, now i have couple of clarifications, my question is
Can I use the aulawiki 1.6.3d workspaces for different project?
Can I assign Workspaces for different project?
Can I use a themes tikineat.css for workspaces?
You are answer will be helpful to moving forward,

Thanks and Regards

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any body can help us to going forward..

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Thank you very much xavi, let me check, if anything is need i will ask you..