Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

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Please see my message:

From: RavenC
To: marclaporte
Subject: Re: Launching the Windows compatibility project
Date: Fri 04 Dec. 2009 15:20 CET

Look forward to assisting however I can.

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Hi there -

So excited to see you launching a windows compatibility project. Even though I am long-time *nix, so many of my customers are Windows that I must cater to them.

Anyway, I just stopped in to let you know that the installer does not work on 4.1 in one of the most popular configuration you will see for enterprise-level customers.

I realize this group is focused on 3.x, but many who are considering your product will probably at least TRY 4.1. But if it fails the installation, they may not even give tw a second chance on 3.x.

I submitted a bug, but it doesn't come up in the list when searching for it, I think it was #3105. But to see the description, just have a look at the Architecture/Installation forum. Original post by NerdZone and follow up by me (sipiptel). It's the most recent post.

Good luck on your product!

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If you follow this thread you will receive this information.
The problems of trackers lost is reported in #3126, it was a bug which has been solved (the user name was not always stored into the track record... then you should not find it back neither receive any information about it...

In another way the full list of trackers sort function was crashing by a syntax error on the SQL request... dead lock to follow easily the trackers...

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I've had success with 3.x on 2003/IIS6 with PHP, and ldap logon using AD authentication.

I have documentation that I will be verifying is correct at the end of July/Aug. I'd be happy to send this doc. to you, if you are interested. Right now it is rough, but good enough to get me through a rebuild.

I've been trying to install 4/5 with no success at the installer point (i may get to the click install point, but then am in an authenticate to the database loop). Posted about that in the forums. As a side note, if anyone here has had success with tiki 4 or 5 on windows/iis I'd like to hear about that!


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