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I'm currently in the process of evaluating several open-source CMS/portal/community packages for the use in an upcoming, non-profit project.

So far, Tikiwiki seems to be very interesting and powerful; however I'm in the need of some features I could not find to be integrated so far in Tikiwiki.

- Linklist, with several categories and the ability to rate the links. 'Directory' seems to do the job for categorizing links, but what about rating them?

- Any chance to get "cleaner" urls? Also, I "don't like" the naming of the script with the prepended "tiki-", would like to kind of "hide" the platform to users ... maybe this could be solved via rewrite rules ... or does it make sense to rename the whole bunch of files and changing all the references?

- To what extend is the permission-/workflow-management flexible enough to have sth. like:
1. Editor group, may revise and publish articles, moderate forums,
delete comments, etc.
2. Group with extended right, is allowed to submit "articles" which have
to be revised and published by the editor group
3. Group with no special right, not allowed to submit any content; allowed
to comment articles and edit own comments.

Are there maybe any third-party hacks/modules/whatever which could provide these functionalities? I know that I will also have to write my own modules, how easy and intuitive will it be to integrate them?

Anyone who can share experiences with extending/customizing Tikiwiki?

Sorry for these tons of questions ... Merci!

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The linklist you're talking about could be Charts

Indeed, although I can't teach you at all how to do that, cleaner URLs is something that should be feasible through rewrite rules.

Current permissions system should be flexible enough to natively handle that. I think workflows aren't involved here (at least not Galaxia Workflow).

Sorry about the current forums bug.

No problems, just get a look to TikiFeatures... De rien!smile