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Tikiwiki 3.0 edit page doesn't work in Google Chrome

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When i highlight over the "Edit Page" button in tikiwiki in firefox, i get this:

and it brings me to the correct edit page of that WIKI page.

When i do the same thing in Google Chrome, i get this link:


and this is obviously not a valid page?. Does anyone know whats going on or is this a known bug in tikiwiki with google chrome?


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It could be a combination of serverbrowserTiki issue.

What is your server?

M ;-)

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TikiWiki 3.0 was tested in Google Chrome as well as the other browsers, and pages could be edited normally. I can edit my own 3.0 site now with Chrome. I think there might be some unusual circumstances at your site causing this problem. Your first url has a strange sequence of forward and back slashes that also seems like a sign that things aren't quite right. Can you give more information about your server operating system, etc.?

-- Gary

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i have a windows server . . is there any suggestions on what i can do if somehow my installation was done wrong and i am getting the urls above.