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Replacing an image in an article - workaround

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There is an outstanding bug that prevents an "own image" in an article from being replaced with another (new) image.

The suggested workaround is to create a new article, copy the content and specify a new image.

However, I am trying to find another workaround. I have gone into the tiki_articles table in the database and re-loaded the image. However, the original image is still there. I have also set the BLOB field of the image to Null and set all the other image related values to NULL.

In both cases even though the value of the database field is changed as intended when I went and replaced the value in the DB, it seems that the original image is still shows up — almost like it is in a cache somewhere and is showing up in the edit article screen and when I read the article even when I re-load another image.

I have tried flushing the Tiki cache with no change.

It doesn't look like the image file itself is stored anywhere — the image data is in the BLOB field.

Any ideas where the old image would be and how I would get rid of it? Is it stored somewhere and has to be deleted??