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Too many connections

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I have a problem: In the last few weeks, my hosting company has identified times when the TikiWiki site I provide has had hundreds of open PHP connections. When things go wrong, my hosting company suspends my account, which obviously fixes problems from their end. But from my end, all I get is them telling me about the account being disabled and a small message like "hundreds of php connections to the file tiki-index.php".

Hardly enough information to diagnose the problem!

Really, i can't afford the trouble that turning the account on and off causes, and the problem is that the site doesn't show any problem for days and days - until the admins tell me that there is a problem, and, by then, it's too late...

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what the problem could be or how I should progress with this?

One thing I have been wondering about is this idea of Tiki-friendly hosts. Obviously, mine isn't. But what's the difference?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Karl!

Try asking for access logs & error logs.

M ;-)

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G'Day Marc,

Thanks for that.

No luck, I'm afraid: the hosting company says, "the webserver only reports that
particular tiki-index.php file as being the cause of the problem." I guess a session starts from the home page and that's all that's recorded...

Any other thoughts?



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That it not very helpful. Without logs, there is not much you can do.

Suggest you move.

M ;-)

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I have the same problem with too many connections. My web host is helping me with logs. What shows up is over 100 connections from a few IP addresses, and the spawning of multiple MySQL connections too. These multiple connections eventually crash the server.

The error logs show: "Premature end of script headers" for tiki-index.php

This is a fresh install of tikiwiki 3.0. It's a pretty generic site, with few features enabled. Most features are turned off.

The web server is a shared host Linux server with enhanced security:
1. PHP runs as CGI and not as an Apache module
2. Apache user does not run as nobody, but instead runs as the 'user' for each virtual host
3. Permissions on directories cannot be LESS restrictive than 755: 777 not allowed.

Anybody have a tikiwiki running successfully on such a server?

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Hi jillelaine,

Sounds similar to my problems...

I think this problem was made worse for me by spiders which will access any link on a page - including links which initiate a file download...


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Yes, I found several posts in this forum that complained about 'too many connections', esp this thread:

The IPs with multiple connections (100+) to my site are not robots, so I'm puzzled. I can see from my 'usage stats' though, that various robots are thoroughly crawling the site. I don't have many images or files to download, so it's not just a file issue. In any case, I'll tweak my robots.txt to see if that helps.

I have not yet seen anyone offer a solution for this 'multiple connections' crashing the server problem. My web host is patient with me, but he doesn't like it when my site crashes everyone else's sites!