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Thinking about a project name evolution from TikiWiki CMS/Groupware to Tiki Wiki+CMS+Groupware

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The project was originally called TikiWiki.

Then, Tiki CMS/Groupware. This was done so people wouldn't think Tiki is just a wiki. And later, another change to TikiWiki CMS/Groupware, to reinforce the wiki roots.

Now, as we have more and more features, it's tricky to add more words! But soon, we'll want to express what we have cooking on the Roadmap.

If we move to Tiki Wiki+CMS+Groupware, we would continue to use tikiwiki as a unique keyword, to avoid mix up up with the many meanings of Tiki.

The + instead of the / conveys much better that Tiki is to be a CMS and a groupware, rather than or.

What do you think?

Best regards,

M ;-)

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IMO the plus signs are not so good for the name. I think they make it look cluttered, and (to me anyway) they imply that Tiki is only those three things. I prefer a variation that uses the middle dot (& middot; - space added so name format displays):

Tiki Wiki·CMS·Groupware

I think this is "cleaner" looking and implies a little more strongly (again, maybe only to me) that Tiki isn't necessarily limited to these three things (ie., it could be interpreted as Tiki Wiki·CMS·Groupware...).

Just my two cents' worth, and hoping to see more opinions on this.

-- Gary

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How about adding a plus at the end?

M ;-)

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this sounds like a nonsense to me... :-/
why to change the project name ? why to another difficult to spell/pronounce ?
imho the project name should stay the same "TikiWiki CMS/Groupware" or just "TikiWiki" for short; the software is "Tiki" or "Tiki CMS" or whatever you release.

-- luci

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>The problem that people have described is that in a corporate
>environment or other 'serious' effort to promote Tiki, they get laughed
>at when they say "TikiWiki". So the rhyme works against us if it sounds
>silly to people, and apparently it often does.

I can't help but think that names like Yahoo, Joomla, Bing, and even Google sounded non-serious at first.

I think if we drop the Wiki and go with simply Tiki we'll loose placement in search results to Tiki bars and the such.

Just my $0.02.


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I agree with Gary on both points:

• if we're using the descriptive suffix, then keeping it as clean and simple as possible is the key and the dots do that job much better.
• the name of the product shouldn't have to literally describe the product, especially a product such as this which is by its very nature expansive, with a varied and constantly evolving feature set. Unless there is descriptive term that can encpompass all this then we have to just not go down that road or we'll one day end up with a 'name' as long as my arm ;-)

Its prob. not a coincidence that two of the top three 'competitors' in the area use single, memorable un-descriptive titles - Joomla! & Drupal. I wonder how Wordpress feels now for saddling itself with an out-of-date descriptive title.

I think there's some interesting studies on stock exhange listed companies showing companies will actaully perform better merely becasue they have quick and easily digestible names. Companies with long indigestible names containing of jargon do worse.

Unless actually changing the name is an option (!), we're left with pushing the name 'Tiki' alongside straplines, suffixes etc. that are both kept in their place, i.e. not actually part of the name, understood as a crucial marketing tool above all else, and able to evolve over time.

Gary's point about how the name works in the corporate environment is interetsing. Maybe we shoud also think more about how it works in the not-so-corporate environment (microbusinesses, SME's, individuals with perhaps not so much technical knowledge but who could really use Tiki to do what they need to do). This later scenario, a list of industry standard descriptive terms might also actually be putting people off. A strap line of 'wiki•CMS•Groupware might just look like jargon, and we might think about more accessible and exciting alternatives. Oh, dear, I think I'm running off topic now.

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The successufull forward looking art festival in Manchester recently renamed itself from:

  • Future Sonic


  • Future Everything

basically becasue the festival encompasses so much more than audio art now and the name was not reflecting this and actually creating confusion as a consequence. Apparently the name change has worked well.

How about 'Tiki Everything'? It seems to sum up Tiki for me ;-)