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Architecture / Installation

User authentication

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I have everything set up (version 1.7.4) it all works, admin logs in and all that, but it's the regular users that are giving me probs.

Any time I log in as a typical user I get permission denied errors at the forums, articles and that stuff, yet can get to my preferences...what config am I missing?

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As a admin user, Expand the Admin menu and click Groups

Click the Registered group and add permissions for the various "Features" you have enabled. Such as allowing view to forum posts, etc.

You may want to also modify such permissions for Anonymous.

You might also find the Tiki Flash movies useful: http://tikiwiki.org/TikiMovies particlarly the Preliminary_Settings

Post back if you still have trouble!


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Thanks, I got it figured out about an hour ago...kind of mucky getting all the permissions set up for everything, but I can't in my mind think of a cleaner way to do it...so I guess it's cool with me :-)

Thanks for the reply