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Full Text Search Using catdoc Ported to Windows XP

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It looks like the very handy catdoc (as well as catppt, xls2csv) have
been modified so that they work on a Windows XP OS

Binaries and Source Can be Downloaded Here

These files work great - and just like on linux - when executing them at
the Windows command line.

Configuring Tiki to use them in a Windows environment has me stumped.
On my Linux Tikis, for example, I have the following set up in fgal admin...

Mime Type System Command
application/msword catdoc %1

I did the same for Windows, and made sure that the Path environment variable
allowed catdoc to be called from anywhere (but maybe not by PHP or Tiki?).

No luck getting it to work.

If anyone knows of any slight configuration differences, please let me know.


-Ed (edmund)

posts: 19 United States

Well, apparently the solution is that the path must be defined a little more verbosely than in a linux environment...

Mime Type System Command
application\msword C:\\catdoc\\catdoc %1

The System command above presumes that the executable
catdoc.exe file is installed in the C:\catdoc\ directory.

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Perhaps if you placed the \catdoc directory in the c:\program files directory, you wouldn't have to use the "verbose" method?

posts: 38 France

I confirm Ed's findings.
I only got the "verbose" method to work.
An additional issue was, the indexes were truncated to the forst non-ascii character. In french, this means, the first accented character. I ended up using this:
"C:\\Program Files\\catdoc\\catdoc" -a -s cp1252 -d utf-8 %1

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