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File gallery corruption

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I've deleted all the file galleries (except system root). When I click "List Galleries" the table is empty, but the tree to the left still shows two galleries, call them Gal1 and Gal2.

The table tiki_file_galleries has one entry.
galleryID=1, name=File Galleries type=System ...

If I create a new gallery (Gal3) and edit it, where I can set the parent there are three entries, "File Galleries" and two blank lines. I'm sure these are the two galleries still shown in the tree, since those were the first two I created. I selected the first blank line. In the table tiki_file_galleries I can see that the parentID=2, but there is not item with parentID=2 (it was deleted).

The new gallery disappears from the list, since it's parent doesn't exist. I edited the table to make the system gallery its parent to get it to return.

If I upload a file, I can assign it to "File Galleries", "Gal1", or "Gal2" (through the latter two do not exist) but I cannot assign it to my new gallery "Gal3".

Can anyone help?

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Which version of MySQL?

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