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Okay, I'm completely stymied. I migrated servers and now no matter what I do the website is blank. Apache, PHP and MySQL have all been verified to be working correctly.

Old server: Windows XP, running MySQL 4.1.15-nt. TikiWiki version 3.2.
New server: Windows 7 64-bit, running MySQL 64-bit 5.1.45, Apache 2.2, 64 bit, PHP 5.2.5, 64-bit.

There are no error messages in the Apache server log. I've confirmed that Apache is actually accessing the website by inserting an "echo" statement in index.php of the home page, and observing that the text does appear on screen. Apache has the correct permissions and can access other test pages in the website folders.

Database was migrated by MySQL dump, then restored through phpMyAdmin and command line, tried both. phpMyAdmin confirms the database is restored, there are no error messages and the tables look reasonable.

To confirm that Apache/PHP are actually connecting to the database I used a MySQL connectivity test script and verified that the user name/password given to tikiwiki in local.php successfully connects to the correct database and accesses it.

TikiWiki was migrated by directly copying the entire site across. No changes were made to any files. The same MySQL database name, user name and password were set up on the new server, and access was confirmed by a test script as above.

Finally, I downloaded Tiki 4.2 to try a complete fresh install, without any of the old database. The automated install failed, got caught in a "Tiki Installer Security Precaution" loop and would not proceed beyond this step. I completed install manually by editing local.php and populating the database manually with empty tables using the scripts in the /db folder. But - the website is still blank!

Admittedly, a 64-bit WAMP server is not too mainstream so there could be some subtle quirkiness there. But please don't suggest I change servers, it's not a viable option. Besides, it works. (Incidentally, I tried downgrading to 32-bit apache/mysql/php and that did not work.) Windows 7 64-bit is becoming increasingly common, Tiki should support it.

I tried changing "smarty_security = 'n';" as suggested in another thread on this forum, but that did not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I'd like to suggest a new feature for future Tiki development: meaningful error messages. They would eliminate so much head-banging...

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The "Tiki installer precaution loop" is commonly due to the fact that Tiki cannot access your session information. Confirm that the sessions storage location (as well as the temp location) specified in your php.ini actually exists and that Tiki has full access to the directory.


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