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Architecture / Installation

Failure to upgrade database through shell

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I've been using TikiWiki 1.9 for quite a long time, but since my web host is soon ditching PHP4 support I need to upgrade, and have been trying to get TikiWiki 5.0 going. I downloaded TikiWiki 5, uploaded and uncompressed the files, but I'm having a hell of a time getting tiki-install.php going due to permissions problems. I thought I could work around this by doing part of the process through shell, but when I try upgrading the database I get the message Tiki is not installed yet. Well, yes, that's what I'm trying to do.

I take it there's some earlier part of the installation it's trying to get information from which just isn't there. What do I need?

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Do you have a db/local.php with the correct database informatiopn and readable by the server?
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Yes. I believe it's the same file that's been sitting there forever for the old version, if that makes any difference. Content with the important stuff (and some characters that cause incorrect forum formatting) removed:


$db_tiki = 'mysql' ;
$dbversion_tiki = '1.9' ;
$host_tiki = 'localhost' ;
$user_tiki = 'XXXXXXX' ;
$pass_tiki = 'XXXXXXX' ;
$dbs_tiki = 'XXXXXXX' ;


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I think I discovered what I did wrong. The instructions on the site said to use the command php installer/shell.php I instead went into the installer directory and just did php shell.php, not thinking it would make any difference. However, checking the actual contents of shell.php, the reason it would say Tiki is not installed yet. is due to the inexistance of db/local.php as you suggested. I think by running it where I did, it was trying and failing to find /installer/db/local.php . Running it as written now, it seems to work properly, one error aside.

I've literally done this about two minutes ago so I'm not sure everything is as it should be yet, but at least THIS problem has been overcome.

The one error, which looks like it might not be anything to get hung up about:

== Error 0 ==
UPDATE `users_objectpermissions` SET `permName`=? WHERE `permName`=?
Duplicate entry '5b73be58be55adaf4b3163fd4523bc89-category-Registered-tiki_p_view' for key 1

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