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Attachment size limitation?

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I am trying to attach files to my wiki pages. I realized that if I try to upload files larger than approximately 5mb, my browser would hold for a while and eventually indicate "Problem loading page - The connection was reset - The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" error (Firefox). Not successful with IE either.

Meanwhile, I don't ever receive any warnings from TikiWiki about limitations on attachment sizes as well.

My friend who lives in another city isn't able to upload files as well.

So is this a connection related problem, a tikiwiki bug, or something else? It is quite important for us to upload large files (although not huge) to our wiki. Any ideas? Thanks


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Likely you have Tiki set to store files in the database (this is the default) rather than a directory. The database is limited in how much data can be stored in a field.

You can change this setting though I don't know how you get at files you've already uploaded to the database (if you have not been doing much file storage then it's no problem). You'll need to create a directory on the server (likely through your server's control panel)and then point Tiki to it.

Find all this in the Admin area, choose the File Galleries icon and it should be right up top under General Settings.

You might want to do the same for images in the Image Galleries.

If you still have problems, check with your hosting service to be sure they do not have up/download limits of their own. You may be able to request a bump up in limits.

A question for developers: is there any reason not to simply make directory storage the default?

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George Greene wrote:
A question for developers: is there any reason not to simply make directory storage the default?

The only thing that I can say against that is: what directory do you make the default? And how do you ensure it's secure?

I agree, database storage is mostly not the way to go but I can see that having the directories as the default choice could be problematic.

BTW, File size upload limits are also dictated a by php.ini setting AFAIK. (which you may or may not have access to change depending on the host).

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I just edited the php.ini (I have a GoDaddy account) file as follows

memory_limit = 50M
post_max_size = 192M
file_uploads = On
upload_max_filesize = 192M

The changes will take effect after a day or so. I will update if this works.

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Funny thing, after editing the php.ini file, the original file was restored to the original file (It took me a while to notice that. I just created a php5.ini file with proper settings (as shown here), and now it works. I am not trying to upload very large files. Usually document files, which are about 20Mb max (in case they are scanned documents or if they contain images).

Thanks for all the replies.

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Actually, I already selected the directory storage, and converted all my files from the MySQL database to the folder.

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I think there's a timeout value in php.ini too. I don't recall exactly what it's called but that could be the issue. Essentially the upload script is timing out before the file has a chance to upload.

I would say as a sort of advisory note, if you're trying to upload files that are hundreds of megabytes big then I think you'd be better off using a different service/method. Tiki is meant for files that are perhaps tens of megabytes big not several hundred MB like CD/DVD ISO's and such.