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Home/End keys in the editor

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Strange thing I noticed after installing TikiWiki10 for the first time on my home server.

When I edit a Wiki page and press Home or End keys, the cursor jumps not to the start/end of line, but the start/end of paragraph. That is, if you have a long paragraph of text that is wrapped in the editor window into, say, 10 lines, and if the cursor is on the 5th line of this paragraph, when I press End key, the cursor jumps not to the end of the 5th line,as I would expect, but to the end of the 10th line - to the end of the paragraph. Or, if I press Home key, the cursor would jump to the start of the 1st line, not 5th.

I have never seen such behavior in any text edit controls on the Web before - and for the last week, I installed MediaWiki, Dokuwiki and MoinMoin on my home server to try them all.

Is this something that TikiWiki editor implements? Is it possible to revert this behaviour to more conventional (standard?) edit control behavior?

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OK, I enabled WYSIWYG editor, and it does not have this strange behaviour.

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Can you try turning off Syntax highlighter ? (In wiki mode, not WYSIWYG)

M ;-)

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OK, when I turn off syntax highlighter in Wiki mode, Home/End keys work as expected - not jumpoig to the start/end of paragraph, but to the start/end of a line within the paragraph.

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