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Problem with Mouseover and TABS

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I’m trying to help my web users defining some words using the instruction "Mouseover". The problem is that if I use TABS, when passing the mouse over a word, the description appears at the bottom of the web page.

A part of this, is it possible to create some fixed banner of information on one side of the page (or something similar) to see information of each word when passing the mouse?

The version I'm using is 8.3.



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I tested this in Tiki 9 and saw the problem.
Then I found you could use negative offsetx= and offsety= values and, through trial and error, get the popup to display closer to where it should be.

But, then I tested in Tiki 8 and unfortunately there is a difference between the Tiki 8 and Tiki 9 Mouseover plugins, and you can not use negative offset values in Tiki 8.

The Mouseover offsetx and offsety in Tiki 8 go through

'filter' => 'digits'

which must strip the negative sign from the value.

The Mouseover offsetx and offsety in Tiki 9 go through

'filter' => 'int'

which must allow negative offsets.

The Mouseover code is not that different, maybe you could backup your Tiki 8 version and try using the Tiki 9 version. Or edit the Tiki 8 Mouseover plugin code and change the filter from "digits" to "int". (I tested both of those options and they both seemed to work OK.)

But it still isn't a very good solution.


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I think I'll use negative offset values till the problem is solved.

Thank you Tom!