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Thinking about tracker permissions...

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I have testing Issue tracker (same as Bug Tracker profile example).

At this case, I wanna arrange permission to users group by group.
Condition is,

1) Customer group A and B are use same Issue tracker.
2) Customer group A should not see items of customer group B.

How can I do it? I've considered category object permission.
But I think it does not help at this case.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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If you're using a Pretty Tracker to display the results, you can use the GROUP plugin to determine who can see what. For example

{GROUP(groups="B" notgroups="A")}
Show field: {$f_xxx}

would only display the field to members of group B


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I guess you may be right, but I didn't test it yet.
I'll test for my case with your guide, and update the result.

Thanks for your advice...