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Features / Usability


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Hoping someone can help me get my head around this.

I want a way for people to introduce themselves, who they are etc.

It should:

  • Allow replies
  • Automatically notifies the poster of replies
  • Be editable by the poster
  • Available for display via a module
  • Be a required field in user registration
  • All introductions must be available in a list, for others to browse.

I know l every item is achievable on there own, but having a hard time pulling them all together. Even if its not posable, if someone could suggest the best medium (I have been thinking forum) that would be a help. If its not posable, I would certainly think of implementing it.


Thanks for your help.

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The only way to achieve all this with current feature set is through a User Tracker, which can allow comments (if you set it up to allow them), replies, notification of the author of the tracker item, shown at registration time, etc.

To get you started, apply this profile in a tiki for testing, and you'll see how it is configured:

You can also do all by hand. You can read the documentation about it:



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Wow, thanks so much. I really appreciate you helping me out. I will follow the steps in the wiki page and see what I can get it to do. It looks like it might be just what I am hoping for.