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A living, interactive, social info community/'book' - could TikiWiki be the way?

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I'm not sure how I stumbled on this in my parade of Google searches, but here I am.
This sounds like it has all the ELEMENTS of what I desire - the ease-of-use might be the trick, as I'm no programmer/IT guy - I'm a reporter/writer!

I dream of a grand vision - the NOW Edition - a living, interactive, social info/content community built around something book-like in structure, but which links off to forum threads etc. - and is continually updated.

Have found many folks doing pieces of what I mean - but no one doing it all.

Forums are nice but could be SO much better with a central info item - a 'book' for lack of a better term - always up to date, with the freshness of the Web/today's media and the depth of books. E-books are static old replicas of dead-tree books. I'd like to belong to, subscribe to, be a member of a community built around any passion or topic of curiosity.

Am I in the right/wrong place? If I go hosted on this - no way I'm running it myself or setting up a server - could it be simple to make all these pieces come together? IS there a right/wrong place? Or do I write my e-book to explain what I mean?

I'd be happy to explain more, as I began writing my thoughts in http://fp.fastpencil.com — and have so much more to say on the topic.

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I'm not really sure of your question... but you definitely use Tiki to create an online, living "book." This is exactly what I did.

Tiki's all-in-one architecture makes it easy to link your forums to pages to blogs to anything else


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