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How can I create a link to a namespaced page?

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Whenever I try to create a link to a page that is in a namespace, the link does not get created.

I am doing this from the WYSIWYG editor (have disabled non WYSIWYG editing). When I go to create a link, it lets me type in part of the page name, and I get a list of pages to choose from. Pages that are in a namespace have a colon shown between the namespace and the page name, regardless of the actual separator. I select the page from this list, so there is no way I could be typing anything wrong.

I have tried this using different separator characters: the default ":_:", also ":" and "_", all with the same effect. If I go to "Source" mode right after inserting the link, there is an anchor with no href attribute. If I try to change an existing link, the href gets change properly, but I cannot click on it in the WYSIWYG editor or preview, and when I save and then go back and edit, the href has been removed.

Surely there must be some way to create a link to a page in a namespace. What am I doing wrong?

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I do strongly avoid to use CKE WYSIWYG, as I always have problems with it and it does not fit so well with the concept of clean wiki markup and Tikis wiki plugins.

There has been a lot of integration work on CKE/Tiki and it is much better than in recent years, but anyway with more advanced projects using namespaces, perspectives, structures and maybe a lot of possibly nested wiki plugins - do not use CKE WYSIWYG.

Just my 2 cent.

I have not so much time now to go in depth, but in a collab environment I have set up, I use namespaces to allocate pages to workgroups/workspaces and to projects.

As I work with wiki syntaxc only, I do not have problems with namspaces, whilst it was indeed a bit tricky to sort out at the first place.

Maybe you tell us a bit more about your service design and maybe I find some time soon to answer a few more questions more in detail.


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Ah I see, that is good to know.  Thanks for your response.

The availability of a WYSIWYG editor and the ability to not use wiki markup at all was actually one of the big "selling points" on TikiWiki.   Compare to MediaWiki where there won't even be a working WYSIWYG editor (that doesn't break other plugins) for unknown weeks or months.  But obviously it is recognized that a wider user base is possible if users don't need to learn any kind of markup to make changes to a document.  It can save a lot of time in an organization if a non-technical user can suggest a change directly rather than having to go through a manual review process involving their supervisor and the wiki manager before anything even gets done online.

For myself, I already know HTML and can drop into the source to do anything that I can't do in WYSIWYG mode, and having to learn yet another markup syntax is a big drawback.  I have noticed little annoying things with CKE and I suppose in general in-browser WYSIWYG editors are still not mature compared to "real" editor applications, but as it stands it certainly seems most of the way there.

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Maybe it could work if you prepend the link URL with ./ somehow?

Just an idea because I know using ":" caused issues with relative links thinking you are trying link to a protocol like "http:" in the namespace name like "my namespace:" and browser did not understand it...


Sorry if I misunderstood.