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Architecture / Installation

Tiki 14beta in sub-directory: ReWriteRule problem

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I have installed Tiki 14 beta in a sub-directory. Installation went fine :-)

I went to .htaccess to edit the ReWriteRule to activate the sub-directory but I couldn't find anything resembling the one mentioned in the Tiki Installation Docs

Docs says to edit this:
"RewriteRule ^(.+)$ /tiki-index.php?page=$1 QSA,L"

There are all kinds of ReWriteRules in the .htaccess file but I can't find that one.

I'm wondering if this is the line I need to uncomment and edit:
162 # RewriteBase /tiki

If that's the right place, what should I change it to? Would it be simply RewriteBase /directoryname ?

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Ha! As if I'm not terrified enough tampering with .htaccess, now I got to explain how to the Whole World!

But sure, I'll have a go at editing the documentation in a few days, hopefully by then, after some Tiki-tweaking time, I might be over the fear of breaking things. Certainly a beginner's perspective can help make instructions clearer.

Thanks for the link Xavi! So I just comment out this line in 14.x:

RewriteRule ^(.+^/)/$  /tiki/HomePage R=301,L

and change "tiki" to the folder name?




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Ah sorry, now I got what you were talking about.

Thanks for the link Xavi! So I just comment out this line in 14.x:

/)/$ /tiki/HomePage R=301,L

and change "tiki" to the folder name?

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Hi Meave,

I do not find specific information about htaccess on the page you have linked to above: Installation.

I usually only copy _htaccess to .htaccess (the one in the Tiki root) or optionally reneme _htaccess.

In some cases, depending on the server, I have to add a php add handler, when I want to use a different php version, than provided by default (if more tan one available).

That and activating the SEFURL preference is all I need to make SEFURL working in 99.9% of my use cases.

I do notunderstand, what you want to achieve now with editing htaccess, nut maybe I am missing something or you are referring to something else than I'd understood ..


Edit: ouch - my missunderstanding. Luckily you and Xavi worked it out together. Got only later what you were referring to. Sorry.

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Hi Torsten,

It's here: http://doc.tiki.org/Installation#Upload_to_your_webhost

See second dot-point: "If you have installed (or plan to install) other applications on your webhost ... "

Edit: Now I see your edit. :-)

Oh, and now I see your reply to my reply to Xavi.

This is fun.

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Yes, this is for cases, where the provider uses primary domains directly pointing to the webroot with no option to alter the document root of the primary domain.

Often (or mostly?) the case on managed shard hostimg with cPanel.

I just did not get the use case at the first place - my missunderstanding, sorry.

Best regards,

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No problem Torsten.

Now I know to mention "shared hosting + Cpanel" when I ask this type of question.

Can you confirm that the procedure I wrote in my reply to Xavi above - "uncomment the line and change "tiki" to the foldername" is correct?

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Hi Maeve,

not really, as I am not very often working with this kind of setup. Last time on cPanel I could change the web-document root of the server.

It seems, that you have to try it. There should not be a risk when you try it. You can easily revert that.

Sorry for that I can not help you off-hand; I would have to play with the .htaccess myself aswell.


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You're right Torsten, I can easily revert. Okay, I'll be brave and try it.

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UPDATE, for anyone who strikes the same problem. Turned out to be a small issue, with a simple solution.

Because I was on a slowish connection I had uploaded Tiki 14.0beta.zip via FTP to the cPanel file manager on our shared hosting site. Much quicker than extracting on my machine and FTPing all the files.

Then I extracted the .zip to the sub-directory I'd made for Tiki. However, when I pointed my browser there to begin the Tiki install I saw only the sub-directory's index, listing tiki.14.0beta. Clicking on that I was able to install Tiki.

But after installation, pointing to the sub-directory still only showed the sub-directory's index. That didn't seem right so I ran to the Docs, read the bit about the ReWriteRule and posted my question here.

What I didn't realise until I took a closer look at the zip-file was that the Tiki files inside the zip were themselves inside a folder.

Then it was clear why my browser couldn't go straight to Tiki. I uninstalled as per Rick's instructions above and started again, this time simply renaming the extracted Tiki 14beta folder to our chosen sub-directory name. And all was well.

I haven't made the ReWriteRule change. Been hard at work getting to know Tiki and adding content. Having a great time - I love Tiki already. After months of researching all the Wiki and CMS options out there, I'm so glad we chose this one.

If I find later on that I need to make the rule change and get stuck I'll post a new thread.

Cheers all,