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Features / Usability

Can't edit page

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Hello, I'm using version 13.1 trying to cobble something together at http://www.transitiontowncv.org/wiki/tiki-index.php.

I started reading Tiki for Smarties and decided to use the QuickEdit feature it mentions. When I went to install it the comments say it is deprecated; use Search instead. I installed Search but it says "Search is disabled". I've checked all the permissions I can find to no avail. I have 'admins' and 'registered' selected for the module and I'm testing logged in as admin. Out of frustration I installed the QuickEdit module. It creates a page, as expected, but one that can't be edited or saved. They show up as a solid blue box. Now I have the same issue creating pages any other way (from the menu, etc). Additionally, any page I open from the list behaves the same way when I select the Edit option. I'd love any help figuring this out. Thanks.


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