Logo in tiki-print.php

Hi everybody, and thank you in advance for you help.
I'm a newbie at Tiki but i like the way it does the job; now i'm trying to make some changes but this one in not working.
I just want to add an image in print in the HEAD section, and in this web page (https://themes.tiki.org/Template+Tricks#Adding_some_HTML_ex.:_a_logo_to_the_print_version_of_wiki_pages) i read this trick: add the following HTML in HTML HEAD section

{if $SCRIPT_NAME eq '/tiki-print.php'}


I did it, but when printing wiki pages the logo doesn't appear. In logs i can see that I'm printing something with that HTML CODE in HEAD, but it doesn't show.
Is it a permission problem or what?
I'm on Tiki 12 and my user is in Administrator group


Hello sclara,

sadly I have to leave the house right now. But maybe we could meet up later in the evening (around 7pm or 8pm UTC) -> what is your time zone? I am on CEST, Berlin, Germany. Maybe meet up in the IRC chat, confirming with an internal message here, shortly before?

By the way: I just tested it on one of our Tiki 14, but would like to revert as soon, as I come back home:


It is working there just with copy and paste.

And it is even working on another non-tiki.org Tiki 14 website, I just checked - same link, same image, coming from themes.tiki.org

Maybe a persission problem with your local image? Maybe the file gallery has not checked the tickbox for "backlink to view the image" or so?

It really should work flawlessly and thus maybe one of us, maybe myself might find a few minutes to log in to your site and check through basic common issues.



I searched for that "backlink to view the image" and similar but i couldn't find anything interesting...

I'm in Italy but i can't access at that time and especially i'm not authorized to let anyone access the site... thanx for your help, i hope you comprehend...

Btw, is it possible that the tickbox you're talking about is only on version 14?


 Hi sclara,

super positively no! The tick box is there for ages.

Choose one file gallery and one category.
Go through the first tab of the file gallery and read everything carefully. Make sure to tick everythingthat souns like making files from the gallery available for users.

Apply the the category to the gallery.

Admin the category and set categorypermissions for this category to allow everything for Anonymous user - that will be limited to this category and applied objects (this gallery and it's content).

Upload an image (logo) to the gallery. Best a png with size about same like the tiki logo from my example above.

Copy the code from the themes.tiki.org example, paste it in tiki-admin?page=look, second field => custom heade area.

Change the domain to your domain and change the file Id of the image to the file Id of the logo in your file gallery.

Print any page.

If that's working - and it should work - you will be able to figure out a proper setup with normal and safe premissions.

If it's not working, we must rethink, what could interfere here - maybe some code missing, a bug or whatsoever. We will talk again when you can report a result, positive or negative.

I cross fingers.


Hi Torsten!

I did exactly what you said. I can also say that I tried to assign all gallery permissions to anonymous group, just in case.

Moreover, in look and feel section i inserted the code copied from here and changed the image id with my id image, then changed to my machine address and my domain address (it changed in img src="http://tiki.mydomain.it/tiki/show_image.php?id=33"), then with the server ip (it changed in img src="http://my.ip.lan.address/tiki/show_image.php?id=33") and no one worked in print mode.

Then I tried to copy the two addresses above in browser's URL space but I couldn't see the image. I also tried to insert the direct address of the image (tiki.mydomain.it/tiki/img/tiki/logo.png) in Look and feel space but it didn't appear in print...

I hope there's one more possibility...

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