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Tiki15 TOC Crowds Pages

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Dear folks, in Tiki15 I have noticed the TOC crowds the page. The TOC takes up a portion of the page, whereas in previous versions the TOC would show at the top but allow the page to render full width text. Thanks for any suggestions and help.
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I believe the difference is because in TIki15, the bootstrap is more suited to responsive design. Notice that in your Tiki15 demo, if you reduce the width of the screen enough, the TOC automatically moves to the bottom of the page (as it should with the grid model). However, in your Tiki14 demo, the TOC does not move, covering your main content.

If you want your main content to fill the full width of the page and have the TOC "float" on the page, you can turn off the auto toc and manually add it with something like this:

{DIV(float=right,width=200px,class="simplebox")}{maketoc title="Contents"}{DIV}

See https://demo.tiki.org/15x/noAutoTOC



- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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Thanks a heap Rick, boy I gotta tell ya, the Tiki Gods giveth, and the Tiki Gods taketh! lol
I am always trying to keep things out of the box operable, I don't like having to add things to make things work on a per page basis, and the reason is our wiki is going to be an open wiki, I want folks to be able to just use Tiki as is, with no special mods, or at least that is my goal anyway. The more I have to explain to users how to insert this or that to make a page look like that or this, the more complicated it's going to be for all involved. I may just have to accept the default TOC as is in 15 if that is the way it's going to be. I do like full width text in my pages, no dead space on the right, but it is what it is.
Thanks again as always Rick!

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I'll try my hand at it Rick! Thanks. Don't hold your breath though, I am in the baby step stages of knowing where my ass is with my hand in Tiki. I just wish things would work out of the box. Thanks Rick.
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We could think about reviewing the code of the older version of autotoc and make it a module profile ??

Just an idea.

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Hey I'm just gonna jump into this thread here and say that I think this would be a great idea! I am really going to miss the older version of auto TOC that has been available since I began using Tiki (around Tiki 12).

If the old code could be usable via some sort of toolbar button or module profile that would be amazing. I am currently working on a method of adding something similar to this manually.

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I am all for it, anything to maintain a full width of text would be very cool. By the way, sorry for my last reply "I wish things would just work out of the box" was a statement made by me out of late night frustration, this is after all Tiki15, not completely released yet! Of course there are glitches and work arounds at this point, thanks Tiki guys for all your hard work, I am just a free loader here, using really cool software that someone else created.
Once our household budget gets back in order here, I'll start clicking the "Donate" button once again.

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Awesome Xavi!

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Hey folks, I was just curious if this is still on the radar for a fix? Thanks!