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Tiki15 release

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Could it be? YES it can be! Just saw that Tiki 15 is to be released Monday the 25th. Yipeeeee!! Great work guys!!
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A few weeks ago. I have already upgraded my production sites to Tiki15 Beta.
An upgrade is not for the faint hearted. It takes hours and hours of blood sweat and tears.
That said, IT IS WOTH THE EFFORT! Tiki 15 is great!
My advise be sure you upgrade on a separate (sub) domain first, or on your own local Server first.
Be sure that you have multiple backups of the site and database.

Before attempting an upgrade, and before you backup your database do the following:
a) Remove all CSS customizations that you have done in within tiki theme customization.
b) Switch-off "Minify JavaScript"
c) Be prepared to go through each and every page of your site to fix possible image plugin syntax changes. e.g (the order of "desc" "width" "align") etc. if the order is not correct, your images will not display correctly.
d) Be prepared to upgrade your WebServer. (I have seen a note on the possible removal of intl) not sure if this will be done in time for the first release.

All in all! Tiki 15 rocks!
It is a fantastic upgrade from 12.x.

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Thanks Zuly! That is great advice for anyone performing a version jump like you did. Awesome advice!
Fortunately for us our wiki is in the baby steps of creation. I have been playing with Tiki for quite awhile now, and kind of waiting for this big 15 LTS release. And now it's here, I can finally start from new, and start with a great version.
Thanks again Zuly.

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I will be upgrading from 12.6 ASAP taking the precautions into account.

The INTL was causing me some concern but my webhost advised me that they could be turned on in the PHP settings and I have done that in readiness. The PHP info report that 12.6 provides no longer gives me the warning that INTL may be needed in future releases, so I presume I am ready in that aspect.

I haven't done any of a) or b) above and do not think going through the images will take much time.

Bring it on.

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It's the 26th (in Australia) and I can't see the release or the release date announcement.

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I have notified Softaculous of the new release and it is now showing as an available upgrade on my cPanel/Softaculous shared webhost.
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Good job Purssey!