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HTML in WIki pages

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Is there a way to automatically enable HTML in Wiki pages without needing to check off the "allow HTML" check box when editing a page?

I noticed that at TikiWiki.org there is no checkbox, but the pages accept HTML. Was this a custom thing, or is there a feature somewhere I need to enable.


(I'm using 1.8 Polaris)


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My guess is you can just find the HTML file on the server for editing the Wiki — then use some basic HTML knowledge to remove the option "Allow HTML" and replace that form element with a "hidden" field that always sets "Allow HTML" to true... Pretty basic HTML 1.0 type form stuff...

I'd be interested to know how that works out because I've considered doing the same thing on my site... However I've found that allowing HTML really opens your Wiki to more errors/bugs... That's been my general experience--the TikiWiki is not very HTML friendly... So I'm not allowing HTML at all on my site for now.

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Hi egodwin, I'd be interested in what makes you say that at tw.o the pages accept HTML without checkboxes.

collectsart_com has a good solution which refers to file tiki/templates/tiki-editpage.tpl.
However if you want to be able to turn it off sometimes you'll ned to check tiki/tiki-editpage.php and do a a bit more complex hacking.

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My observation about this site was after I was trying to see the syntax of the PluginModule2 and PluginModules2 pages. There are tags, that when implemented in my own wiki didn't have any affect until I checked off the allow HTML box.