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List plugin results cannot be seen by non-admin users

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I am running v15 of Tiki and I have run into a problem with the List plugin.

I am using the List plugin inside a wiki page to query a tracker and display 2 of the fields from the most recent entry. As admin I am able to see the query result but when any non-admin user views the wiki page they see grey boxes with the text "No results for query."

I have run through all of the permissions that I can find and the only one that allows the queries to display is tiki_p_admin. I have given a group every permission except for tiki_p_admin and it still doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me which permission is needed by users for the List plugin to work properly?
Is there another option that I have to enable for this to work?

Any ideas?

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I have updated my installation to v16.2 in hopes that a new version would solve my problem.

Still not working.

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Try rebuilding your search index visiting example.com/tiki-admin.php?page=search&rebuild=now

If that solves it, you should put this on a daily cron:

Reason: PluginList uses data from the index. For performance reasons, the index contains the visibility permissions

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That worked! Thank you so much! I will set that up as a cron job. My index had not been rebuilt since December apparently!

Working with Tiki has been so great. Thank you!

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