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H5P - TIki 17

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I upgraded to Tiki 17 yesterday, excited for the H5P feature (on a side note, I was excited to find tour and some random icons fixed).

When I add H5P content to a wiki page, it frequently returns the message:
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /public_html/lib/core/TikiFilter/PreventXss.php on line 256

when saving. When I made a small page (very little text and other plugins, it works just fine. But larger pages will fail. I took one of my pages and added the syntax to a new page one paragraph at a time with an H5P plugin at the bottom. It worked fine for a minute (text, tabs plugin, html plugin, buttons), but at a certain point, it will stop saving. I'm trying to sort out what behavior is causing the failure. I thought it might be footnotes or non responsive images, but it really seems to be the quantity of text. When I remove the H5P plugin, it saves no problem in a second or two.

Any suggestions or thoughts on this one?

  • If I save the text directly into the database, it works just fine. So, I think its a save issue? Server issue? Apache issue?
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Duq, I have had issues with H5P displaying badly when page is cached that the app resides on. If your page is cached, take cache off the page, and see if the H5P behaves better.

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I am having issues with tiki and H5P now, cannot edit existing H5P plugin in wiki page, I click on edit and I get shot to a popup screen that lists wiki pages.
Just another long line of bugs and issues that seem to never get solved, or a we are asked to hire a developer to fix it. I am getting frustrated with Tiki again.
I cannot get theme width to work on 17.1 either. It worked before, not now. Can things that used to work, just stay that way, please?
Rant over.

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Hi John,
sorry to hear about your frustration :-(
I personally also hate regressions introduced aka it-worked-before-and-now-it-is-broken (again) but dunno how to prevent these... we are relaying on volunteers and testing more before they commit the enhancement (they believe is fine) would certainly help but how to force this on them I don't know. We all make mistakes sometimes and we do not have simply the manpower to watch all commits and test them properly. We need more people like you. Thanks for being an active member!

BTW: I added some comments on these two bug reports from you, I hope that helps to lower the frustration level somehow for you ;) Will try to look into the code if it is an easy fix (as I think it is) later but I need to earn some money now, sorry again ...

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I wrote a lengthy fun, cheery reply Luci, and I went to post it, and it disappeared. The ol forum bug is back again. Just know, it's all good, and thanks for everything.
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The sporadic bug when a reply is posted, it does not post, the "Post" button is clicked and the text never appears. I have not seen it in a few a few months, it was a problem for some time here.

Either that or I accidentally clicked on "Cancel" instead of "Post". I was tired.

Hey Luci, thanks for your work here, you all are very appreciated. I don't typically publicly rant on items like this, I was in rare form. You all are doing a great job with your time here.
Peace brother