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How do I set up Require Payment on Registration

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Hi all,

My voluntary organisation recently introduced a small annual membership fee, so I would like to set our tiki to require payment during registration. This should expire each year and require another payment.

I know that this exists


How do I configure it to work? There is not much guidance for a newbie like me!



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Hello James,

sadly I cannot help today off-hand, but the good news is, that I have to sort out a conference payment quite soon. I know that the payment feature had some issues in version 14/15 which have been fixed by Jonny.

If somebody else knows the setup off-hand, hints are welcome.

Give me a day or two and I will look into it and share my findings. I also have already some imagination about the setup and tested a (long) while ago.

So we will get there definitely.

Best regards, will be hearing from each other soon.

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First I tested it on a Tiki 17 and it was working ok. (Paypal real payment/ Sandbox didn't work).

I agree the doc page is not very documented and example is missing. (another sticky on the wall :-))
Explaining everything from A to Z is not an option (I need to set it to explain it).
I suggest you to check the doc for cart and payment too. Sometimes things became clearer when looking at a related feature.

But if you are stuck on a specific part and can’t wait for the doc to be updated ask here or private.
You can also use one of the https://tiki.org/Consultants" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Tiki Consultants if you want more support and things done. ;)

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I don't suppose anyone could give me a little direction on this, could you? The doc page for Plugin Register Member Payment contains several commands, but nothing on what to do with them!