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Features / Usability


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I am setting up a wiki with documentation for 2 different softwares.

Both software have tabs with the same name, so to document these tabs, I would like to create a subfolder with pages. An example


But I cant figure out how to create these subfolders. I have triedwith structures and categories.

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Toke, if you mean sub-categories you can choose the parent category for your sub_category by choosing "Parent" during the category creation. Parent would be your 1st level category, or any level for that matter, as tiki allows you to create sub-categories infinite deep. Please see screen shot:
Sub Gallery
Click on the "Parent" drop down menu and choose your top category you'd like your sub-category to be under. Hope I understood your question and this is what you needed.

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Hi Toke,
you can name the pages with the slash in the page name like "Workbench/FileTab" but you need to enable something on the control panels to allow all characters in page names and then set Base URI to /Wiki. I would send you an example but my demo trunk site is down now due to some bug in Tiki trunk currently.


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Yes I need something like that. I really didnt expect it to be so difficult to make. I will keep exploring to see if I can figure out how to do this
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That is exactly what I am looking for.

So I have enabled SEF URls. Where do you disable and enable the other two? In a file or control panel?

I am a bit new to this

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Please just go to Control panels and use the Search preferences field to search for "wiki_badchar_prevent" and "feature_html_head_base_tag".
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Sorry I have no more time to help but as you can see on my demo it links correctly. Perhaps you are just linking it differently than me and not using wiki link ((Foo/Bar)) syntax or you have SEFURLs feature disabled?

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It works!!

Thank you so much. I didnt know that the search function was that good.

Thanks again