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Using Namespaces

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Dear folks, I am very familiar with Namespaces, using Mediawiki in the past, namespaces are relied upon solely for compartmentalizing and categorizing pages and templates and files.

So I understand the benefit of Namespaces, it's great to have a namespace title "templates" and to be able to create all your templates in that namespace, and instead of assigning perms to each template page, you can simply assign perms per namespace.

My question is, does tiki.org use namespaces? Currently Namespaces has been assigned experimental, has anyone used namespaces in tiki? If you have can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages?

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Hi John,
not sure you need Namespaces for that in Tiki. For assigning perms to objects we use Categories for that.


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Thanks Luci, great suggestion. I could create a templates category, and be done with it. Thanks Luci!

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