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Architecture / Installation

Tiki-Check.php will not load

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Well, I'm about to give up on trying to run my 1st site with Tiki Wiki. The current problem is tiki-check.php will not load on a fresh install of 18.2 using one-click install via Softaculous on a brand new "Pro hosting account" on inmotionhosting.com The (spinning) browser has to be completely shut down before I can reload any page from the site. If I wait long enough, I'll get Error 500 - Internal Server non-defining error.
I have changed/tried PHP 5.6 and 7
I've run setup.sh
I've sat with inmotion tech support who restarted the server trying to get it to run.

I tried to get both version 15 and 18 up and running on my shared pro/upper-level hosting account on GoDaddy via manual install but feared some of the errors I was (like getting like not sending registration emails) was because of GoDaddy . I read on a few forums of Tiki Wiki Admins giving up on GoDaddy shared server installs.

Then I signed up for Bluehost after being "sold" by the second chat I had with phone salesman. I got there 2nd level shared hosting account which had one-click install of Tiki Wiki which failed to install. Immediately called in for support and BlueHost now only provides support for WordPress :-(

I may have to back out and run another CMS. I run Wordpress and have previously run several Drupal Sites. Wish I could get Tiki Wiki up. Thanks

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Hi Marc,

Yes, unfortunately, there does seem to be problems with the Server Check as reported by others https://dev.tiki.org/item6665--Server-Fitness-tiki-check-php-Never-Opens

There have been a lot of changes in Tiki 18.3, which seems to work ok with php 7.1
Maybe try that configuration to see if you have better results (this works fine for me, but Server-Check still does not).

Keep in mind, Tiki is very different from all other CMS's as basically all features are 'built-in' vs. a base CMS plus a million external plugins. This model is significantly more work to maintain, but inherently much better / secure / stable for business (no external reliance's). And, Tiki is basically an open source MS Office replacement, yet without the $$billions that MS has. That said, there is an amazing group of passionate developers very dedicated to constantly making it better.


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Since Tiki18.x I have not been able to get server check to open. I just gave up.

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I installed version 20.x on a local server and tiki-check.php works fine.

Tiki Check

Is this still an issue for you guys?