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Cross site request forgery

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I am seeing the below error message when I attempt to login to dev.tiki
I'd submit a bug report but I can't login to do so, any direction is appreciated.

Potential cross-site request forgery (CSRF) detected. Operation blocked. Reloading the page may help.

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Hi John, did you try the "Reloading the page may help." hint?
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I did not see the hint appear Luci, hmmm. That being said I reloaded the page anyways, just a natural step in trouble shooting login issues, and also cleared cache in my own browser and reloaded a few more times, but nothing was working yesterday.
But today I am back in without any issues.

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Good day fatiki, I have not experienced the issue for a long time now. I ended up clearing cache on my pc, clearing cache in browsers, and things seemed to work ok.
Have you also tried different browsers?

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Thanks John.

Yes I've tried with Firefox as well as Safari. I think I found a workaround for now:

The default login page is https://dev.tiki.org/login but if I get the error, the resulting page is https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-login.php .

I know the message says then to reload the page but if I do that it does nothing for me and I stay on the same page with the error.

But if I force the same page to reload (meaning, instead of pressing F5 I go to the URL field and hit enter), then it seems to work.

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Test post to see if some Forum functionality works, pls. disregard. Thanks.
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Hi Xavier,

Incidentally, this happened a couple of times on my Tiki test site too (it's on a localhost).

It's not a big deal since there is a workaround which works well (meaning, it works every time I have tried it) but it's always useful to know whether other people experience the same, and how many.

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Thanks Luciash, good to know!