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Help! Can't remove menu module

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Hi folks, I have tried to remove a menu module I made but Tiki responds with the following message:

"Potential cross-site request forgery (CSRF) detected. Operation blocked. CSRF check not performed. "

What can I do?

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Hi Maeve

Which version of Tiki are you using?

Security has changed quite a bit (for the better of course ;) over recent versions of Tiki so it's possible one of the ways of removing a module has been missed out.
You can "un-assign" a module by either clicking the spanner (some say wrench) icon on the module in the zone list and selecting "Unassign" (seems to work ok for me in latest 21.x), or you can double click the module and click "remove" on the popup dialog (oh...) or you can click the red X on the title bar of the module, actually both of those fail for me, but are fixed in 22.x so i'll fix that 21.x too...

In the meantime, just use the one on the little actions menu on the "assigned modules" list.

posts: 21 Australia

Hi Jonny,
Many thanks! Am using Tiki 21.0.

Your advice to use Unassign on the little actions menu on the "assigned modules" list worked. It's gone. Much relief.

And some surprise. I wouldn't have known that option was in the actions menu because, as you can see in the screenshot attached here, only Edit is visible. The other options - Move up, Move down and Unassign - are not. Hovering makes them just barely visible - in the screenshot the cursor was hovered over Unassign. Some sort of CSS issue? We've done a fair bit of customising of the default Bootstrap theme but nothing to my knowledge that caused this problem elsewhere in admin or on the rest of the site.

Also, just an FYI, in Admin Modules only the main Admin menu has the red X on its title bar. Besides our own menus we have a few Tiki modules - Last Visitors, Who is Online, Top Pages - and their title bars don't have a red X visible or invisible. Hovering on them shows the Move symbol .

Again, thank you very much for the swift solution.

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Hi Maeve,

Jonny alerted me to this issue and indeed I had neglected to consider these two ways of unassigning a module when updating the csrf logic for this area. I believe I have fixed in in the master developer version (future version 22) and if it passes the test there the fix will be backported to version 21.x.

posts: 21 Australia
That's great Lindon, cheers!
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I was in the area so i backported the fixes to 21.x so it'll be in the next release (and available now if you use svn or git or the tomorrow in the nightly build tarballs)
posts: 21 Australia

Thanks Jonny. Am not savvy enough myself to use those alternatives to the next release, but no doubt they'll be useful to others watching this thread.

We're currently engaged in an overhaul of our Tiki site and this week I want to make a new top navbar using the Structure plus Bootstrap plus Smartmenus method. It's a big site and we'll need a lot of dropdowns. I might be back with a new post on that if I hit any snags. If it goes well, knowing how to delete the old menus afterward has removed a major stumbling-block from the process and for that I say once more, many thanks.

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