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Features / Usability

Javascript detection error message the first time the TikiWiki page is reloaded or the first time a link to a subsequent page is called.

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Has anyone noticed this behaviour and is there perhaps a workaround?

It is clearly reproducible with deleted cookies or in incognito mode of the browser.

So you enter your TikiWiki page for the first time and everything loads normally, then you reload the page or click on a link to another page of the TikiWiki.

Example screenshot from the official tiki.org demo with version 21.1 but it is also available with version 21.2.

The message call can be found in footer.tpl

Once the message has been confirmed, it no longer appears in the session.
the javascript cookies have the following values:
javascript_enabled: y
javascript_enabled_detect: deleted

Before reloading, the values were as follows:
javascript_enabled: 1629207598000
javascript_enabled_detect: 2

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Hi Christoph, sorry about this (everyone)

I just pushed a hopeful fix to trunk in this commit (svn r76942), if it seems ok then i'll backport it to 21.x and 18.x as both have this problem quite badly.

It will be available for testing on the "dogfood servers" soon - e.g. https://nextdev.tiki.org (basic login with next and next).

There are probably a few wishes on the bug list too, but i'm done for the day... eek

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Thanks, your adjustments have solved the problem
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Great, thanks for checking Christoph, i've now pushed the fix to 21.x too so all the tiki sites should have that update soon.
If it all seems ok i'll backported it again into 18.x (which is where i need it!)

I'll update the wish on dev too...

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Hello Jonny,

I had the same problem with Tiki 21.2.4 but your fix works great, thank you very much!