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Features / Usability

Reports automatisation (PDF + Email) in Tiki

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I’m studying automatic features/options/behaviours we have in Tiki21 and Tiki22 and I’ll be more than happy to have some insight and experiences from others.

I’m tracker oriented and this kind of trick my focus on the existing tracker tools (date constrain, status changes and plugin listExecute) but they may be other interesting things to know.

Note that the idea is to keep it all in Tiki (Scheduler, etc).

  1. Tracker report PDF generation + attach it to a mail and sending it
    1. Can we create a report automatically ?
      There are different kinds of report
      1. Tracker report
        The plugin listExecute does it. (Basically a tracker report is a trackerItem regrouping items from different trackers)
      2. Wiki page report, (trackerfilter plugin, tablesorter with calculation).
        If it is just loading the page and get the plugins and module populated that work. If you use Wiki variable you can also add some automatisation based on the date or the logged username but that’s rather limited. What is you need to add some variables like print a report for each user from a certain group ? What is you need to enter a value in a tablesorter plugin List ? IE: populate a list of items (worked hours) for a specific user and have the total calculated ? Manually it work, how do we automate such task ?
    2. Can we generate a PDF automatically from the above (and send it)
      1. The plugin listExecute does it. Using a Wiki page (if we use a tracker report, our tracker item(s) need to be outputted into a Wiki page) we can have it converted into a PDF and sent by email. http://doc.tiki.org/PluginListExecute#email
  2. Notifications based on tracker condition(s)
    It’s a different case than above, may be just a twist...
    1. The plugin listExecute does it. We can set the plugin to display a filtered list of users and send them an email. We’ll need to catch the user email (not always in the report to do so, usually I add the field in the tracker - redundant) and to add a flag that will be checked by the plugin listExecute to avoid sending him more than one notification ("notification_was_sent" : y/n)

So far that look pretty good.
Other ideas, thoughts or useful tips... ?