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Category Plugin Bug?

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I am trying to make a wiki page (so that I can link to it) with a list of all of a category's subcategories. I am attempting to use the category plugin to do this. I set the desired category and left everything else as default in the plugin, but it seems to have malfunctioned (see attached image for errors). Is this a bug or did I mess something up?

EDIT: Somehow it's working now? It doesn't display subcategories but does display pages within those categories. I'd like for it to display exclusively subcategories (and have marked for it to display subcategories in the plugin options) but I can get by with just the pages for now.

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Hi Evan again

I think plugin category only shows the objects (pages, posts, items etc) inside a category, not the subcategories themselves...

You could do it with the list plugin, but that's not trivial if you've never used it before PluginList

{LIST(searchable_only="0" cache="y")} {filter type="category"} {filter field="path" content="Food::*"} {LIST}

But actually that doesn't really work so well...

There is a module that shows subcategories for a specific category, and you can use modules in a wiki plugin using the module plugin, like:

{module module="categories" categId="3" nobox="y"}

So probably that's the best - don't forget you need to validate the module plugin as an admin as it's a very powerful one!