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Architecture / Installation

Can't Rebuild Index - Not Supported

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I upgraded to 22.1 and found that my index cannot be rebuilt. When run from the site, I get a screen that only says "Unsupported" with no log file created.

If I run console.php from the command line, I see no index commands listed as available.

What is required for "index" to be supported?

I am still using MyISAM tables. Is InnoDB required for the indexing function to be available? Are there any other features that must be enabled or PHP settings that are checked?

I don't want to convert my tables now unless the table type is critical.


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Same issue. I get

Unable to connect to :0 . Error #0: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to : (Failed to parse address ":")

stream_socket_client() is in framework.php

I,m using xampp, php version 7.4.15


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I tripped into a solution, though I have no idea what it was. I can do a rebuild now using the website, but console.php is still missing multiple functions. I wish I knew what I changed that allowed rebuild to work.