Google Font necessary?

Hi all,
I just set up a private community site with Tiki (just updated 21 to 24).

To avoid data protection issue in EU I'd like to remove the link to the Google font in the CSS of the FiveAlive theme. In the past sans serif fonts were defined via HELVETICA and ARIAL.

Since I have no clue of CSS in general and bootstrap definiton in particular (I did some plain html sites 20 years ago, but no CSS, php and so on) I don't know if Google only spends the font optic here or if there is more behind the line
@import url("//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato");

The word "Google" shows up in the CSS file only in that line and in a comment, "Lato" shows up 8 times and could be replaced easily by Helvetica, Arial (and maybe one or two others like Verdana).

Could I simply delete the import line and replace the Font name - or would I crash other elements of the theme?

Thanks and
best regards


Hi Uli,

Yes, you can just delete that line, and a default sans-serif font. maybe Helvetica or Arial, will be used by your site visitors' browsers instead.

-- Gary

Thanks for your replies!

Will content and structure of the CSS file remain stable over the time?
I had expected changes, which could lead to problems in case of updates.

Removing that one line could be part of "my" future update process - but in case I follow you suggestion, Bernard, this would of cause open the window for further adaptions (like switching the pink background in editable fields to something like light yellow)...

How often does the CSS structure change - from historic experience?

Thanks for your support

Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist wrote:

As Gary Cunningham-Lee says.

Just as an additional suggestion, to preserve your Tiki integrity and ease future upgrade, I would create my own theme;

  • Duplicate the theme used and give it a different name (folder, CSS and SCSS)
  • Select it as the Tiki theme
  • Start toying with it. (follow Gary's recommendation)


The theme stylesheets can be expected to get minor updates in new Tiki versions, and possibly major updates as will be the case in Tiki 25 when we upgrade from Bootstrap 4 to 5. For this reason, you would need to keep track of any edits you make and be ready to repeat them when the update replaces your stylesheet file.

About style details other than deleting the font import statement, you might try the Theme Customizer (https://doc.tiki.org/Theme-Customizer). It's an experimental feature, so be sure "Experimental" is activated in the admin preferences filter, to see and use this feature. The last time I checked, the Less/SCSS compiling wasn't working, but indicating a new style and exporting CSS was.

Changes made with this method probably won't be affected by routine stylesheet updates.

-- Gary

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