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Thomas wrote:

Hello everyone,

I wanted to test the new Kanban board feature for tracker items. I used the doc https://doc.tiki.org/PluginKanban and the example, but exactly like the example output in the documentation it shows an error instead of the board:
"Field not found: %0"

I also tried variations of the fields like just the ID, f_ID, $f_ID, $ID, or the name trackername_fieldname or only fieldname (at least I tried to go through all possible variations).

Does anyone know which format is required?

Thank you

Hi Thomas,

The example on the plugin page is broken/not properly implemented.

Like Jonny mentioned, you have to use the fields' permanent names. Navigate to your tracker, edit the fields, and you should see the permanent name under the hyperlinked "Name" .

For example, the sample Kanban board installed via the Kanban profile has a field named "Name", but in fact its permanent name is "ktaskname".

Please see the attached image.

The correct syntax would then be:

{kanban trackerId="4" title="ktaskName" description="ktaskDescription" xaxis="ktaskStage" yaxis="ktaskPriority" swimlane="ktaskSwimlane" wip="15,10,5,30"}