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Architecture / Installation

Admin Login on New Install

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Thanks Bernard.

Yes I've tried clearing the cache. I've tried incognito. I've tried different browers, and different computers, and nothing works.

Yesterday I started with a new install of 21.6. I got the files uploaded, and when through the the install process, but I was only able to click through a few screens after signing in as the admin before I got the error again. It tells me I don't have the tiki_p_admin permission even though I do in the database.

Since I've made no other changes to Tiki, my assumption is I'm either setting a preference incorrectly during install, or it's my hosting provider.

Are there any settings that would cause this if set incorrectly on install? I don't think so, but wouldn't mind getting confirmation?

Also, any thoughts on the provider side? I'm running PHP 7.3, and MySQL 5.6.


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