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Architecture / Installation

Tiki 24.2 image load generated 500 internal server when not logged in

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Hi Bernard,
The images are on my home page and on my blogs. In File Galleries > General Settings > Activate the feature, I have File gallery checked and to be stored in the database. There are five File Galleries in total.

The images on my HomePage are in a table and use

{img type="fileId" fileId="107" width="200"}

to display the image using Tikiwiki syntax.

I use

![Sky130 Inverter Layout](./display229){.img-fluid width="400"}

for images used in blogs written in Markdown. These all work when I'm logged in. When not logged in, the images don't load or are very slow to load.

Only tiki_p_download_files set to allow Anonymous permission. I gave tiki_p_view_file_gallery Anonymous permission but this does not seem to help.

See p-brane.com

Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist wrote:


Just to be sure, you are talking about images set on your pages using a plugin and are in the Tiki File Gallery or something else ?

Are the files stored inside a directory or inside the database ?

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