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Liceo Malpighi is one of the most valued secondary schools in Bologna (Italy).

As responsible for internal organization, I've started using tw for internal communication and knowledge sharing. We'll extend tw use as an extranet, families communication and students knowledge sharing.

So at the moment we are using tw for:

  • internal notices
  • circulars issue
  • school calendar
  • internal and external regulations
  • standards and modules
  • class weekly planning and teacher weekly planning
  • internal marketing
  • teacher follow up

I've committed some internal teams to investigate:

  • the use of wiki pages as a way for collaborative work on a specific topic
  • the classification of documents, suitable for teacher ownership (eg a filegallery for each teacher/class_level) and student utilization (eg category for class/topic)
  • the use of tw as internet website (in order to avoid the duplication of content)

What is my key issue with tw now? I need to manage a complete set of user data:

  • name, surname, address, internal role, ...
  • if he is a teacher, type of employment, subjects, email ...
  • if he is a student, class, date of birth, parents, certifications, ...
  • if he is a parent, link with the student/s, cellular phone, email
  • if he is an external contact, the event when I got in contact whit

Roughly speaking, I need the basis of "Contact Management", where a contact is a whatever person who got in contact with me.

How to start with tw in a secondary school

(in my experience)

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