Hello, my real name is Roberto.

I found Tikiwiki some months ago, when I was looking for a content management system for my school. I tested a lot of Open Source CMS CMS Matrix and I found Tikiwiki perfectly corresponding to my vision.

So, I’ve studied it, tested different configurations of users / permissions / categories and so on.

Now we are going to open the first release (please, have a look to the case study) of our portal for internal use (teachers and staff). In a few months we will extend some functionalities to students and families, along with some developments.

I think Tikiwiki needs a lot of improvements, for example:

  • more friendly use of Wiki pages (for example an Html editor)
  • management of different layouts per sections (not only the presence/absence of left / right columns, but even different menus on the same column)
  • management of project-communities with schedules, notes, ...
  • ...

Now I’m looking for people with an interest in Education: we could exchange experiences and, why not, build new modules for TikiWiki.

Please, feel free to contact me.

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