Tiki 1.7.4 Valid Release is available since October 27th 2003.

mose was the coordinator of this release.

Some links for more information about this release

Changes list

  • FIX: some fixes in french translation by UserPageSylvie
  • FIX: fixed the inhibition of tracking when minor checkbox is used
  • MOD: added an entry in wiki-help for ~pp~
  • FIX: fixed many xhtml conformance details
  • FIX: fixed description field in filegalleries

  • MOD: refactoring of the split plugin
  • FIX: fixed cookie setting that caused so much problems in 1.7.3 authentication
  • FIX: fixed xss (cross site scripting) vulnerability in error page
  • FIX: added security check of perms for categories, ephemerides, surveys and charts

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