Tiki Market Place

(please, read the TikiBountySystem proposal to improve this needed feature of a kind-of-improved "Market Place"). xavi

Calendar support

Provide an RFC2445 (iCal), RFC2446 (iTIP - events, ToDos, journals) and RFC2447 (iMIP - emailing meeting proposals) calendar server service for Tiki, with integration to:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • At least one of Netscape Suite Calendar component, Mozilla Calendar, Mozilla SunBird or Apple iCal

Provide full Tikiwiki support for RFC2445-2447, including full support for events and group calendars

Bids requested. Please contact mdavey for more details

vtiger CRM

  • Refactor vtiger CRM tickets to use Tikiwiki trackers as tasks rather than its own trackers

Bids requested. Please contact mdavey for more details

Tiki Page Groups

Implement the TikiPageGroups proposal. With the recent work on the wiki parser, it may be that this could be implemented as a set of parser rules plus some minor changes to code such as tiki-index.php

Bids requested. Please contact mdavey for more details

Document Management System

Provide a customised document management system based upon Galaxia. The following is a guideline only (a specification is available on request):

  • configure and extend galaxia to implement our workflow specification
  • provide an extranet publishing system, whereby files marked as public and tagged for release to specific users, are encrypted and pushed to the appropriate TikiWIki users file area on the extranet site
  • provide a tiki module and a php page to sumarise the documents available for the specific user
  • provide ftp download mechanism for user files
  • provide email notifications and watch system for user files. Weekly automatic notification of new file releases; automatically set a watch for new versions of file upon download.
  • provide statistics on user files downloads, including easy determination of last version downloaded and when it was last downloaded

A bounty of 1500 UKP is available for this work, subject to contractual terms and conditions. Source code copyright for any new or modified code to be assigned to the Tiki community.

Please contact mdavey for more details

Maybe modified upon TikiDav, for instance, so that files, stored in database, can ber accessed through TikiDav (directly from the webdav client, such as OpenOffice.Org), and versioned from within the file format (OOo Writer versioning system), and not from Wiki page versioning. the result would be that files from this new file galleries can be edited against db and they still retain the same url for the public, and raw in the table of files. Pros & cons of this design?

Bids requested. Please contact xavi for more details.

Improve Tikidav to work with OOo 2

Tikidav was working with OpenOffice.org (OOo) 1 (sxw). Some changes are needed to make it work with OOo 2. See TikiDavDev

Bids requested. Please contact xavi for more details.

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