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Who is the Kerrnel?

My name is Mike Kerr and I work for UUNET (now Verizon Business) in Virginia. I've done web stuff for nearly 14 years, and over the past four or so have concentrated personal and work pet projects in PHP. At Verizon, one of the many hats I wear in our group is the admin for our department's website, and I've chosen to use TikiWiki as the engine for our content, and as an extension, the workflow system for process tracking. Ironically, my main job function has nothing to do with web content.

Tiki Goals

Part of what I'm working on is merging the workflow system in with our content in the Tiki environment. To do that I'm using the Galaxia Workflow feature. Unfortunately documentation is quite sparse, so I'm hoping that as I go I can fill in some of the Workflow documentation blanks, and provide more advanced documentation for it, and maybe one day make it to the Editorial Board. :-)

Tiki Contributions

Since I began participating in the Tiki community, I have tried to contribute as much as I possibly can. Here are some of the things I've brought to the table...


I have managed to integrate the forum migration from a standalone script (still available as of the 1.9.8 branch distro under doc/devtools/tiki_forum_migration.php), and it is now available as of 1.10.0 branch. An incomplete version exists in the CVS that only supports import from an SQL file dump. That particular version was mainly used to migrate posts from tw.o into the workflow.tw.o forums since the workflow site was running the stable branch. The import tool can be accessed only if you have admin privs from the Admin forums page.

The standalone version that was previously written runs outside of the Tiki environment, but does run from the web server. After manually configuring source and destination database server IPs, admin user ids and passwords, you run the script from the website. It will prompt you what tiki forum you want to move from the source server and into which tiki forum you want to move to on the destination server. The old forum will remain intact, while the destination forum will have the source forum's contents appended to it. This was driven initially by the requirement to migrate the Workflow forums to the new site, unfortunately security rules locked out those possibilities, and all we could get was an SQL file dump. The SQL file processing was introduced in the Tiki-integrated version of the tool. Attachments are not supported in either version.

Other Tiki Stuff

  • Maintainer of http://workflow.tiki.org and Galaxia coordinator/contributor
  • Tracker mods for
    • Add user ID viewable field
    • Add show ID option (like a ticket-based system)
    • Fixed trackerlist plugin
  • Contributions to 1.10.0 Release process in search of a stable release candidate
  • Member of the AdminUIRevamp team.

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