homepage: http://rym.waglo.com/

I'm looking forward to get involved with misc. stuff: i18n, rss, wiki (reStructuredText anyone?) and determined to solve any bugs I encounter.

Totally unrelated to tiki - if you need any open source on CD in canada, let me know: http://www.waglo.com/nattor/


P.S.: for lack of a better place to put this (I still have to familiarize myself with this site better), well, here's my short "todo" list.

bugs tiki:


*modif. mineur ne "stick" pas après "aperçu"
*modif. mineur devrait etre automatique sous un certain seuil de modifs.
*apres aperçu, je voudrais un piton "revert"

*le test pour email est trop sévère

*utiliser reStructuredText et/ou autres "markups" pour le wiki.

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