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This feature is used to admin user tasks, similar to a to-do list, the tasks screen is divided in two parts: a list of tasks and a form to enter a new task:

The list of tasks:


This list shows the all tasks to a user and some shared tasks.

  • There are tree different types of tasks
    • private
    • >> reivied task, a other user submitted a task to you
    • << submitted task, you submitted this task to a other user
    • >< shared task, this task is public to a group where you are member.

To use the features send, receive and shared tasks you have to set special rights on users and groups a user can only send if he has the right tiki_p_tasks_send and the receiver tiki_p_tasks_receive rights. Also I you want to share a task you must be in a group with the right tiki_p_tasks_receive.
There is also a spezail right tiki_p_tasks_admin this right allows an admin to see all shared tasks and edit them.

  • Icons:

Image means that this task is accepted by user and creator
Image means that only one user has accepted the task, beware if you are making changes on submitted or received task it will get this state as default
Image one user has rejected this this task

  • States
    • waiting / not started
    • open / in process
    • completed (100%)

A task is in the state waiting while the percentage is not set, after opening a task or setting the percentage between 0 and 100 it will go into the state open, if you mark a task as completed or set the percentage on 100 it will be in the completed state.
The task list offers you to hide completed tasks with the ceckbox completed.

  • Trash

Similar to many other programmes is here also something like a trash implemented
You can mark tasks as trash and you can emty the trash with the button "emty trash".
But if you are not the creator you can only move the task in the trash of the creator if he has the option rights by creator disabled.

Tasks and dates:

From the user preferences screen the user can choose if he want to use dates for tasks. What is this? If dates are being used then tasks with a start date higher than the current date ARE not displayed in the listing or module, this can be used to program tasks for the future. If dates are not used then all tasks are always active. Note: when dates are in use the task listing will show links to display all tasks or tasks using dates only.

Editing a task:

This form is used to enter or edit a task, the start date field is only shown if using dates.

View tasks


The user tasks module

normal Usertasks-module (shows own and received tasks)

public Usertask-module (shows public tasks) (this picture with activated mouse-over-feature)

A special module is provided to show tasks to the user when using your Tiki site. The module is called user tasks and it is displayed on the left. The user can add a new task to the list of tasks and he can also view the tasks that are active and mark some tasks as done or delete a number of tasks if he wans. This nice module is perfect to be used as a to-do list.

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