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Editing pages is the most important feature of the Wiki. The edit screen allows you to edit a page, preview the page as many times as you want and then save it. To edit pages you use a special syntax common to many Wiki systems that is called The Wiki Tag System , this will allow you to use bold text, italics, images and many other things in your pages. If you have the permission you may also use regular HTML code in your Wiki pages thus permitting a page to be anything you want to be. IF you have permission to use HTML you should be able to see a checkbox labeled Allow HTML at the bottom of the page. The checkbox is enabled by default, if you uncheck it then HTML tags will be removed when saving the page.

Remember that you can edit a page by doubleclicking on the page.

The edit screen

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The edit screen is large so will describe each section as follow:


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This links can be used to add special markup at the end of the page being edited. Unfortunately there's no way to insert markup at the cursor position so look for something added at the end of the page when clicking here.


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This link can be used to categorize a page when the page is being edited. Click on show categories to display the box to add the page to categories.

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This is the box that can be used to categorize the page select the categories where the page should be and remember to click the categorize this object checkbox. The admin categories link takes you to the admin categories screen where new categories can be added.

Apply template

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This part of the edit screen can be used to apply a template to the page. Note that the page content will be replaced completely by the template.

Templates can be defined using the admin content templates feature.

Description and edit

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This section is used to edit the page description and the page content.


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Footnotes are personal notes for the user about the page, footnotes are displayed only if the content is non-empty and only to the user that created the footnotes. To remove footnotes simply remove the text from the footnotes box of the page. To add footnotes just type some text.


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The comment is information about what was done when editing the page, a sort of log of page editions.

Allow HTML

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If enabled then HTML is allowed in the page if not all the HTML markup will be removed.


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If enabled the page will be spellchecked and errors will be displayed in red when previewing the page.

Import and Export Page

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This section can be used to replace the page by an imported page. Or to export all versions of this page to a text file. Note that if you want to export only the last version (currrent version) of the page the export button at the page bar should be used.

When importing versions in the imported dump will be added to the page history, old versions won't be lost. The last version in the imported dump will be made the current page version.

Upload picture

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This box can be used to quickly add a picture to a Wiki page, the picture will be uploaded to img/wiki_up and displayed in the page using the No image specified. One of the following parameters must be set: fileId, randomGalleryId, fgalId, attId, id, or src. tag. By default pictures are added at the bottom of the page and you can then move the picture to any place in the page by moving the tag inserted for the picture. Use unique names that you can remember to prevent other users from overwriting your pictures. Once a pciture is uploaded it can be used in more that one page just by copying the tag auto-inserted by tiki when uploading a picture.

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