jacob666, Tuesday 26 October 2004, 09:10:12 GMT-0000
hi there, can anyone tell me which tpl file defines the wiki pages?
Damian, Monday 25 October 2004, 11:49:19 GMT-0000
gallery10 on uk.tikiwiki.org
avgasse, Monday 25 October 2004, 10:43:41 GMT-0000
where are the TikiFestUK2 webcams or still shots?
Damian, Monday 25 October 2004, 07:26:13 GMT-0000
Onwards and upwards!
sdl, Monday 25 October 2004, 07:18:39 GMT-0000
A new star is born!!!
Damian, Saturday 23 October 2004, 21:42:02 GMT-0000
Woohoo ORANGE!!!!!!
Damian, Friday 22 October 2004, 09:14:31 GMT-0000
RobKelley, Friday 22 October 2004, 00:20:28 GMT-0000
availables should be variables (too much coffee)
RobKelley, Friday 22 October 2004, 00:19:51 GMT-0000
Do the smarty availables live in one major file somewhere? I'm trying to see what variables already exist. I want user ip address...help?
iadawn, Thursday 21 October 2004, 20:42:50 GMT-0000
Is there anyway to get the current username of the logged in user in a template?
gribble, Wednesday 20 October 2004, 23:31:02 GMT-0000
I'd just like to say W00t! Tikiwiki!
Muizeman, Wednesday 20 October 2004, 21:07:35 GMT-0000
High Dude's good community you have here. I have a lot of fun whith the 1.9 version so far. Keep on going!!
Damian, Wednesday 20 October 2004, 21:02:40 GMT-0000
use the trackers
puscheolonthenet, Wednesday 20 October 2004, 20:05:20 GMT-0000
I need something like an addressbook where useres can store phonenumber streetnames and stuff. ho wdo i do this with tikiwiki
sdl, Wednesday 20 October 2004, 15:59:10 GMT-0000
Go to User Prferences click on personal information and then click on edit next to personal Wiki page. Or use quick edit a Wiki page and type in UserPagestoryboard edit
storyboard, Wednesday 20 October 2004, 13:19:12 GMT-0000
how do i create my personal page?
bpco, Monday 18 October 2004, 11:50:50 GMT-0000
Damian, Thank you man! You are really great! :-)
Damian, Monday 18 October 2004, 11:41:59 GMT-0000
[Link] enjoy it :-)
bpco, Monday 18 October 2004, 10:28:58 GMT-0000
Damian, I am waiting to have your favor (a plugin for REDIRECT problem)
Damian, Friday 15 October 2004, 22:38:29 GMT-0000
because you havent setup internal tiki permissions!
spowage, Friday 15 October 2004, 20:21:47 GMT-0000
after new install new user gets "permission denied" WHY
ang, Friday 15 October 2004, 13:55:41 GMT-0000
bradyrose: use firefox, not explorer :-)
Damian, Friday 15 October 2004, 09:16:45 GMT-0000
Use forums for support questions please
bradyrose, Friday 15 October 2004, 00:20:38 GMT-0000
my javascript flip down menues seem to have stopped working ..
sikko, Thursday 14 October 2004, 20:18:01 GMT-0000
Hmm, when i login, and use the "since last visit" buttons, the tabs stay open whatever i do. strange.